Go Green for Earth Day

Go Green!  Watch your Environmental Footprint!  Recycles, Reduce, and Reuse!  All these phrases make us think of ways we can help our Earth and about Earth Day!  In 1969, a man named Gaylord Nelson experienced the devastation of an oil spill off the coast of California and by the following year he initiated the movement we now call Earth Day.  It has over 141 countries involved, and countless numbers of people have become aware of their footprint they will leave behind.  Now, as educators, we are responsible to help our little humans become aware of the effects of their footprint.  We can teach them ways to not only help save the earth and its resources, but also to save money by making simple and smart choices in their daily lives.  Earth Day is April 22nd, how will you celebrate this year?  What simple things can you and your children do to help preserve our green spaces and environment?  Here are a few things from Educents that will help you with a mini lesson or activity in your classroom or home school. n

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10 Earth Day Freebies for Kids


  1. ,Earth Day Sort – Help kids learn the difference between reducing, reusing, and recycling!  
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  3. ,Happy Earth Day Writing Activity – Kids of all ages can reflect on ways their family, school, and themselves can help keep the Earth healthy. Also encourages handwriting practice!  
  4. n

  5. ,Earth Day Coloring Pages – Creative kiddos can color the Earth with their colors of choice, or follow the color-by-code page to add critical thinking to art hour.
  6. n

  7. ,Earth Day Poof! Subtraction to 5 – This Earth Day themed game builds fluency with subtraction facts to 5. It can be played in a small group or as a partner game. It is a fun way to practice those facts!  
  8. n

  9. ,Earth Day Word Search Freebie – Enjoy this Earth Day themed word search puzzle with 21 eco-friendly terms like atmosphere, compost, and recycle.
  10. n

  11. ,Earth Day Bookmarks – The perfect Earth Day treat for your students. Available in full-color and black-and-white.
  12. n

  13. ,Earth Day Survey and Graph – A fun and different way to practice graphing in your classroom while encouraging collaboration between students.
  14. n

  15. ,Spring Coloring Book – Let your little ones COLOR & SPELL Spring words.
  16. n

  17. ,Love the Earth Mystery Picture Graph – Students will love discovering the mystery picture by coloring in the correct squares on the alphanumeric grid using the coordinates given. This is a great addition to an Earth Day or recycling unit!
  18. n

  19. ,April 2015 Journal – A month of free journaling for learners age 8 to 100! Read about important historic, artistic, and current events that happened during the month of April – including J. Robert Oppenheimer’s birthday and Earth Day on April 22nd. Then develop vocabulary and critical thinking skills.
  20. n

Want to turn your Earth Day celebration into an educational experience? Discover new ways to learn about the amazing planet we live on (without breaking the bank!) –> Earth Day Learning Resources 


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