End of the Year Awards

As teachers end the school year and pack up boxes, prep to change schools or even retire, I am reminded of the students I had the privilege of teaching in second grade and again in fourth grade.  They were always my favorite kids.  They have all graduated from high school and become adults.  But before they left our classroom, we had an end-of-year awards and recognition celebration.  We had parents bring in snacks and drinks, and the children all wrote wonderful stories to share.  Awards were given for academic and character recognition. Diplomas were given to them in both second and fourth grades.

But my favorite thing to do on that special day is to read a short letter to the parents.  It takes everything in me to keep from weeping each time I read it, and for these kids, I was not able to keep my eyes dry; nor were the parents dry-eyed.  This letter tugs at my heart as I send my son to college, my daughter to her junior year in high school, and my little human headed off to second grade.

I cannot take credit for the words, nor can I provide you with the wise person’s name who wrote these sweet words.  I found this letter years and years ago online.  It is not mine,  but I am sharing it with you so you can have the words for the way you feel about and how you truly love each child.

You are warned, it will pull at your heartstrings.  It will make you tear up; but most of all, it will let each child and family know how much you love their child and have you loved teaching the class this year.  If you would like to use this you can grab it here.

I wish you well as you wrap up this year or maybe your career.  As you end this year with all the stress and pressure, remember that you are the world to your students, be patient and be kind.  You may be their favorite teacher, or they may be your favorite class.

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