Coby Persin and the Dangers of Social Media

The dangers of social media have become so looked over and distanced from our children that the warnings are almost like a nagging Charlie Brown teacher voice.  The words do not mean anything to the children anymore!  We as parents, community members, and educators can say and do everything to prevent and warn about it or believe it will never happen to our children or a student in our class.  WAKE UP!!  It happens every day and everywhere to every income level, status, or whatever pigeon hole or classification you want to put yourself.  Like a very good friend once said, “Someone has to be that other someone else”.  It will happen to someone, maybe this will help it to not be you or your children.


This is a powerful and gut-wrenching experiment created and documented by three different families and Coby Persin, a popular You Tuber. My prayer is that this information is given as life lessons and viewed by as many parents and children as possible.  It is the most important video you will ever watch.


Warning: This is a very emotional video for anyone who cares about children. Please preview this before sharing it with your children or younger aged audiences.  There is no profanity or adult content, but I would want it screened before showing my children.  User discretion advised.



Social media is a great resource for teachers.  We use it as much as the textbook in some cases and it is a powerful tool, very powerful, too powerful in my opinion. Please share this video with everyone, talk about it with your children, have real conversations that encourage real communication, not a lecture and how to convo- a real back and forth eye to eye, I love you conversation.  Don’t let your loved one, your child, your student be that other someone.


Blessings y’all,





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